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As many of you may know, we recently put in a Breach server. I am keeping this thread in order to post, and add, suggestions to Bounty about things that should be added to our Breach server

Please don't post on this unless throwing in your own suggestions. Thank you

Things to add:

SCP-035, the version which is playable with weaponry

SCP-096, not the NPC 

An upgrade shop in order to upgrade player skills. For example, if, as  Class D, a player is to (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง other players, they would be rewarded points. They would also be rewarded points if they are to escape. They could then use these points to upgrade specific aspects of that class only. So now with these new points, they could make the Class D faster or have more health. There would be sections for each player to level that type of player up.

A command to do !workshop and have this pulled up

Small problems with pointshop opening and my rank, I join at some moments and my rank is there, other times it isn't.

Implementation of a !rules command in chat, for obvious reasons. I can write the rules up if necesarry
-Note: I can also write up a howtoplay

SCP-1048A, because I decided I do actually like him

Special days, I understand there was a command to force a special day in the upcoming round but was unaware as to what rounds we actually have. Some examples of things we could put in include
  • Zombie outbreak day
  • Only Class D and SCP day
  • NTF vs CI day
This is just a question but what are the addons for the items and skins that are used so I don't mainly see errors
Watch where you tread.
[Image: HYEaDot.png]
Check up top, added it.
Had to hand-type the link out cause stuff doesn't paste on our forums for me
Adding gate health, so the large gates when hit with enough damage will open up
(04-24-2017, 06:10 PM)cow man[ßŦ] Wrote: Adding gate health, so the large gates when hit with enough damage will open up

Is br_requestgateA a thing?
Sorry for the delayed response and not having been on Breach, have been busy the past few days
Yes, error, that command is still there. The zoom button can be binded for the guards to use a guard menu, which can open gate A as well as say some guard stuff

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