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Server suggestions
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Hello Smile

Here's a small list of things I've been thinking that will improve the murder servers.

1. A map vote system.
2. Keep md_clue in the queque, since is a map that gathers a lot of players and add 5 or 6 more maps to it.
3. Remove both large murder servers or one large and one of the 12 slots server, sometimes there are small groups of 2 or 3 spread all over the servers and they tend to stay less time than a full server.
4. Removing or replacing Alice, samus and left shark, the first two don't work when you ragdoll and left shark creates script errors.

I will be adding more suggestions and maps through the weekend.

And I'm sorry for not being active enough to do my gm duties, I've been really busy and I know I'm not the only one, but I've been on training in my current job to lose my english accent and to improve my grammar. Smile
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Thanks for posting like I asked, Jase!

I look forward to getting to this stuff soon. I am working on a new sync system so that we can solve all of the rank issues there. I will probably then work on Murder, Prophunt, and Breach all at the same time doing stuff. Bigsmile
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