Bountytech Gaming

About us


Bountytech is a community of gamers from all over the world, and all different social groups, who play all types of games together!
Feel free to invite your friends to the group or join our forums, everyone is welcome!

We want all players to have a great time on our servers.
If you ever feel something isn't fair, please tell us on the forums, Discord, or in-game.


Bountytech Gaming was started in 2008 after the failure of Fujitech. Bounty, Baconlung, and Sk8erkillinu were all members of that original community. Bounty had risen through the ranks at Fujitech and learned a lot about game servers and community from its founder, Fuji. With this knowledge, he went forward to create a Garrysmod server where one of the first dedicated players was Turtle. 

Because of fair rules, no-nonsense administration, and the goal of having a good time together, the group quickly grew. Just like the sea, Bountytech has always had an ebb and flow operation; having lots of servers and a thriving community, followed by periods of downtime and quiet. 

One thing has remained constant: the connections and friendships made by our members with each other.