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Unban on Stranded server
Username: Bunz


Reason you were banned: "disrespect and rdm"

Who banned you: Don't know

Time/date banned: Don't know

Length of Ban: Permanent (from what it looks like)

Comments regarding ban(OPTIONAL): I don't recall what I did since I haven't played Garry's Mod in almost a year. I couldn't find my ban on source bans so I assume I was under a diffrent alias. Finally if I was disrespectful, i'm sorry about that, I promise i've changed a lot since then. As for rdm, I have no comment on it. 
If the admin who banned me could provide me with more information, if he/she recalls what happened, that would be greatly appretiated.
While I am not the staff member that banned you, I managed to find your bans on the Sban panel using your Steam ID. Here are the results.

[Image: RNhXI4crT8GaNKklmy4WYg.png]

[Image: EP9iacTOQzGqThnzkHBuSQ.png]

It does not show a staff member and I'm not sure as to find out who did it. I'd say to just wait a little and see the replies and maybe talk to Bounty or one of the other higher ups about it later one if it not resolved.
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It was weapons from a long time ago. I dont see him getting on anytime soon so I would just ask bounty.
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Well since now you know what you did wrong have anything else to say?
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