26 Oct 2016

Welcome to our new donation system! Hopefully it should be a lot easier to use than our last one.

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By Doctor Baconlung[ßŦ]

Terms of Service

By donating you agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained with in this document 

and accept that Bountytech Gaming can change at any time. Any money given is a donation only. It is in no way, shape or form an offer for products and or services. No guarantees are made or should be expected.

The Owners and Administrators of Bountytech Gaming reserves the right to remove your in game bonuses at any time if:

- You are suspected of misusing them.

- If donation policy changes.

The server ownership reserves the right to alter the donation thresholds at any time and these changes will not be retrospectively applied.

Any successful refund will result in a permanent ban from Bountytech Gaming.

The server ownership reserves the right to periodically run time limited donation offers.

The server ownership reserves the right to alter the in-game bonuses received by donators at any time; any changes will be detailed within this document, website and on our forums.

Donating does not exempt you from the server rules and terms and conditions outlined within this document, website, forums and within the Rules and Regulations document which you agree to by using any of Bountytech Gaming's services. If you are banned for being in breach of the rules of the server you will not receive a refund.

You agree that the PayPal account you use to donate is yours to use and that you are solely responsible to any complication caused as a result of a donation being made to

Bountytech Gaming. You are also agreeing to all of the terms and conditions laid out by PayPal for the use of their services.

Bountytech Gaming can and will change the donation perks as the server progresses over time. At the time of the donation the perks which the user receives can change with no notice.

credit: MCServerUK